SWAG PRO (Double-Black or Double-White) by Taiwan Ben

SWAG PRO (Double-Black or Double-White)  by Taiwan Ben

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SWAG PRO has taken this modern classic to a whole new level! A spectator selects a card and commits it to memory. She is then handed the SWAG PRO tag. She closes her hands around the tag and concentrates on her card. When she opens her hands, she finds that the Tag has revealed her selection! This is just one of the many effects you can perform with SWAG PRO!

Magic happens in the spectator's hands!

SWAG PRO, with its new elegant design, can accompany you as part of your daily life accessories, such as on your keychain, bag strap, or necklace tag.

No electronics!
A magical reveal that you carry with you everyday!
Resets almost instantly!

Great for street magicians, walk-around performers, mentalists and well, anyone... SWAG PRO is a secret weapon that you take everywhere you go!

gimmick tag
Online tutorial video with multiple routines and effects

"A great self-working miracle that you can carry with you anywhere, anytime. Don't leave home without your SWAG."
- Patrick Kun

"It's diabolical, it's clean, it's a world of options, but the reason I like it so much... It's badass!!"
- Bobby Motta

"A very nice update on this principle, making it a modern routine!"
- Luca Volpe

ACHTUNG: Bitte geben Sie uns bei der Bestellung (auf dem Weg zur Kasse im Feld "Hinweis") an, ob Sie die beidseitig SCHWARZE oder beidseitig WEISSE Version haben möchten!!! - DANKE!




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