iRevolve (Red/Blue) by Kris Rubens (Card Magic, Color Changing)

iRevolve (Red/Blue)  by Kris Rubens (Card Magic, Color Changing)

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iRevolve is a "revolutionary" new color changing card gimmick.

This hand crafted, custom designed gimmick affords you the ability to visually change the face of a Bicycle playing card whilst throwing it into the air, onto the table or even onto a spectator's hand.

For those who may wish to keep the change hidden until the conclusion of the effect, we have you covered. Since each side of the card can be a shown both before and after the change, you can easily have the prediction card covered with the spectator's hand, foot or even a drinking glass. Then, at a time of your choosing, you can reveal that the card has changed completely.

This incredible gimmick opens a whole new world of possibilities including transpositions, amnesia effects, double prediction reveals and more!

iRevolve is also available with a color changing back design!

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